Dairy Building

Dairy Building
2500 Avenue M
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1969 Milking Parlor and Loafing Shed constructed
c.1997-98 Milking Parlor and Loafing Shed demolished







Dairy Building

The Dairy Milking Parlor south of one of the silo foundations.

Dairy Building

The slab of the Dairy Loafing Shed and the north side of the Milking Parlor.

Dairy Building

Inside the Milking Parlor.


Interview with Bobby Lane (2009)
The Dairy Buildings were located at the Agriculture Center along northbound Interstate 45.

The two dairy buildings were conveniently located at the southwest corner of the center near the tunnel that ran under the interstate and into the university's pasture. Cattle could be transported from the pasture to the Loafing Shed, a small building that provided shelter and grazing, and then into the Milking Parlor, where the cows were milked.

Because of its deterioration and smell - and its close proximity to residential areas on the other side of Robinson Creek - the dairy buildings were some of the structures removed during the late-1990s.

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