Feed Formulation Building

Feed Formulation Building
Avenue M
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1969 Constructed
c.1996-97 Demolished







Feed Formulation Building

The Feed Formulation Building is remembered today by a cement slab; the only remaining evidence is the sloped walkway outside the northwest entrance. At one time, the Agriculture Department proposed a Plant and Soil Science Laboratory on this site.


Interview with Bobby Lane (2009)
The (Beef Cattle) Feed Formulation Building was one of the buildings located at the Agriculture Center along northbound Interstate 45.

The northeast part of the building contained the Agriculture Center manager's office at one time.

Northwest of the building was the demonstration feed lot, an outdoor feeding area for 50-60 head of beef cattle. Because of the high volume of livestock on the property, the university paid a premium to pump manure into the city sewer.

Because of the building's deterioration and the on-going smell - and its close proximity to residential areas on the other side of Robinson Creek - the feed mixing building was one of the structures removed during the late-1990s.

A greenhouse was built on the site of the feed lot.

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