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The SHSU Agriculture Center is 13.28 acres of property located along northbound Interstate 45. The buildings are southwest of the former Bearkat Field, the Horticulture Center, and Holleman Field. The center is bordered on the northwest by Robinson Creek.

Student lived and worked at this "in-town" college farm in a number of roles and functions, including meat processing, feed mixing, and operating the college dairy. Living quarters were contained in the Indoor Arena.

The two silos on the property were never filled to full capcity and were later dismantled and removed, with at least one moved to the TDCJ Eastham Unit.

A tunnel under Interstate 45 connects the Agriculture Center with the area once used as the university's dairy pasture and rodeo grounds. The land was later converted to Raven Nest Golf Club.

In Summer 2007 the property was in negotiations to be sold with plans to include two hotels and a conference center at the site [1]; the project that was to be completed in December 2007 eventually fell through [2].


Agriculture Center

This photograph from the 1970 Alcalde shows the two silos on the grounds of the Agriculture Center. The silos were situated between the Dairy Buildings and Feed Formulation Building.

Agriculture Center

The tunnel from the Agriculture Center to the former pasture land, now the front door of the golf course.

Agriculture Center

Some old signage at the north-eastern entrance to the Agriculture Center gives you an idea of what once transpired out along the Interstate.

Agriculture Center

The brick sign along the access road.


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