Allen House


2002 Avenue I
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Constructed as Pi Kappa Alpha House
Unit Q Tex-41-CH-120 [1]

Feb. 4, 1961:
Epsilon Pi chapter founded

Summer 1979:
Epsilon Pi chapter moves off-campus

Fall 1979:
Renamed Allen

Oct. 2009:
Repurposed as Banner Resource and Training Center offices



J. Stewart Allen




Allen House is a two-story student residence-turned-office building located near the southwestern corner of the intersection of Avenue I and 20th Street, facing east.

Residence Life classifies this small house as being part of “The Valley."

The building originally served as home to the Epsilon Pi chapter of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity. A 1979 Houstonian article says the fraternity was asked to move off-campus because the group had not maintained the house [2]. The house then became general student housing, and its name honoring the recently-deceased Allen was approved by the Board of Regents shortly thereafter.

In 2009, it was announced that Allen House was on the demolition schedule as part of the 2008 Campus Master Plan [3, 4].

Residence Life announced in March 2009 that the house would be converted to academic offices beginning the Fall 2009 semester. Following renovations the building was home to the Banner Resource and Training Center. The October 2009 Banner newsletter notes "the first floor...has been turned into work space for Banner training - including two computer labs, one with eighteen stations and one with twelve, a small conference room, and several smaller work rooms" [5].


Allen House

Signage afixed to the building.

Allen House

This type of signage usually identifies the offices within.

Allen House

Between the two ground floor windows (to the right of the front door as you stand along Avenue I) is a patch of light-coloured bricks ... anyone know why?


Heather Huffman, PKA National Office
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