Caroline Belvin

Caroline Belvin


Jun. 23, 1859:

Graduated from SHNI

Dean of Women

Jan. 14, 1949:

Caroline Belvin was an instructor and administrator at SHSTC.

Belvin was educated at the Coronal Institute near San Marcos and later graduated from SHNI in 1882, returning to the San Marcos area. In 1903 she accepted a teaching position at SHNI as an instructor of primary and interpretive reading. She later held the title of Dean of Women from 1917 until her resignation from SHSTC in 1929.

The Caroline Belvin Society for women was named in her honor. The Delta Mu chapter of Alpha Delta Pi grew out of this early-1900s organization. In 1936 the newly-constructed Women's Dorm - now Belvin-Buchanan Hall - was named for the former dean.


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