Bill Blackwood

Bill Blackwood


Sep. 11, 1936 Born
Dallas, TX
Jun. 25, 1993 Died


William "Bill" R. Blackwood was first elected to the Texas House of Representatives in 1984 and served there through 1993 (R-Mesquite).

A graduate of Texas A&M University, he served in the U.S. Air Force and later was on the Mesquite City Council.

The Law Enforcement Management Instutute of Texas (LEMIT) was created by the 69th Texas Legislature through the sponsorship of Blackwood. Due to his efforts, the 73rd Texas Legislature renamed the Institute in his honor in 1993 and placed LEMIT under the control of SHSU, thereby moving its headquarters to Huntsville.

The LEMIT Headquarters building carries Blackwood's name.

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