Boarding Houses



[1] Vision Realized (1970)
Students attending Sam Houston Normal Institute did not live in the luxurious brick-and-mortar dormitories modern students are accustomed to, but rather boarding houses – most often private residences opened up by their owners as places to live, study, and socialize.

Many of the houses were situated within walking distance of the fledging campus where students could find room and board, electric lights, and running hot and cold water, as well as well-supplied tables [1].

Because of their popularity, many homeowners were wary about their future when the college began plans for its first on-campus dormitory [1].

Identifying boarding houses can be tricky: residences appear to be known by the house- or land-owner’s name, and marriages, deaths, and relocations can add to the confusion. As many homes were close to campus, growth necessitated the demolition of many residences.

Boarding houses included:

S.D. Johnson House
Near SHNI on Main Street (Avenue K)
Mrs. E.T. Josey House

Lawlis House
919 19th Street

Mrs. Lucy Markham House (c. 1899)
16th Street and Sam Houston Avenue; demolished in the 1950s.

May House
Burned c.1918-19; current site of King Hall.

McGarr House
Thomas Pressley (T.P.) Mitchell House
Operated by Nancy Ann Allen Mitchell; house in operation until 1928.
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Morse
Mrs. L.C. Norsworthy House
Northington House
Avenue K; later used as band hall; replaced by girls dorms
Mrs. A. Bolie Oliphint
Mrs. E.C. Smedes House
Miss Hernie Willison House
Mrs. M. E. Forrest

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