Canterbury House

Canterbury House
1614 University Avenue
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1931 Constructed
1931-42 Residence of Harry F. Estill
c.1942-79 Residence of Mary S. Estill
Mid-1980s St. Stephen's Episcopal Student Center relocates
c. 1994 Renamed Canterbury House




Harry D. Payne



Canterbury House

During the mid-1950s the house was used a residence.

Canterbury House

A side view from the south shows the interesting curvature of the roof of this former residence. We like to think the vending machine out front is a post-Estill addition.

Canterbury House

The Episcopal Student Center began in the late 1950s but didn't move here for another 30-or-so years.

Canterbury House

The wooden letters outside the Canterbury House that spell out “ESC” don’t mean “escape” but rather “Episcopal Student Center.” But it does appear the “S” escaped the fray, leaving the “E” and “C” to carry on as a duo. Is that a Weber Grill trying out as the new "S"?

Canterbury House

The western side - or rear entrnace - of the structure in a photograph taken from Sam Houston Village.

Canterbury House is an organization-owned structure located north of main campus along University Drive. It is home of the Episcopal Student Center (ESC).

The two-story revival-style bungalow, with Colonial Revival and classical influences, was designed by noted Houston architect Harry D. Payne for Harry F. Estill upon his retirement as president. Noted architectural features of the house include a gambrel roof and three-bay porch; a garage/apartment once was located behind the house. After his death in 1942, Estill's daughter, Mary Sexton Estill, lived here until 1979.

In the mid-1980s the Episcopal Student Center moved from St. Stephen's Church to this building.

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