Catholic Student Center

Catholic Student Center
1310 17th Street
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1979 Statue created
1982 Constructed {presumed}








Catholic Student Center
Catholic Student Center

The Catholic Student Center is one of the many religious-themed building surrounding the campus.

Catholic Student Center

The statue of Christ outside the southern entrance of the student center.

Catholic Student Center

The small plaque at the base of the statue.


[1] SHSU campus map; dated June 1, 1990.

The Catholic Student Center is located on the west side of campus, at the corner of Seventeenth Street and Avenue M.

A Catholic student organization appears to have been active on campus as far back as 1947. The 1982 Alcalde notes the construction of their new student center, named Morkovsky Hall, on 17th Street. Campus maps later identify the building as either the St. Thomas Catholic Student Center [1] or Newman Student Center.

The 45-inch high Statue of Christ is located at the south entrance to the building. The Online Art Tour of Huntsville says the "partly abstractionist, partly representational...cast iron assembly shows a shielded figure of Jesus, one hand upraised." Marianist Brother Melvin Moyer of Kirkwood, Missouri created the work in 1979. A small plaque at the base of the statue notes it as a gift of the Catholic Student Center (C.S.C.) Faith Community, 1988-1992.

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