Crawford House

Crawford House
1319 A 17th Street
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1959 Constructed Unit K-2 Tex-41-CH-90 [1]
Jan. 20, 1960 Zeta Mu chapter founded
c. 1960 Renamed Alpha Tau Omega House
19xx Renamed for Crawford


Henry O. "Molly" Crawford






Crawford House

The exciting crawl space between Mallon (left) and Crawford houses.

Crawford House

Signage out front the building.


Vision Realized (1970)
The Caballero Years (1997)
[1] SHSC Revenue Bond Buildings (c.1965)
ATO/ZM members John Gresham, David Matocha, Ron Wamble

Crawford House is a student residence located near the intersection of Avenue N and 17th Street, west of main campus.

Residence Life classifies the two-story small house as a part of "Four West."

The house was built for members of the men's social group, the Dons, that later became the Zeta Mu chapter of the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity.

The Dons (originally known as the DTDs) was a loosely organized group thought to have started as intramural sport participants that shared an off-campus boarding house west of the southern end of 20th Street. They were given official recognition by the college administration and membership in the Inter-fraternal Council in the fall of 1955, with the only joining requirement that the group change their name. John Gresham, who joined in 1959, says this was because DTD sounded "too Greek" and had the connotation of standing for "Down-Town Drunks," though he is unclear whether the nickname was intentional or deserved. During the Dons five-year history, they initiated 117 members, making it one of the most popular and leading clubs on campus. After recognition, the Dons acquired a new house, leasing a two-story brick house on the west side of Avenue K (now University Avenue) between 16th and 17th Streets, which they occupied until the Fall of 1959.

Once the fraternity moved off campus the house was open to upperclassmen.

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