Longino Hall

Departmental Dorms
Corner of Avenue J and Bowers Boulevard
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1956 Constructed
Unit C Tex-41-CH-31 [1,2]
2000 Demolished


William Longino





Departmental Dorms

Longino Hall and the other original eight Departmental Dorms (c.1970).

Departmental Dorms

Longino Hall and the other remaining four Departmental Dorms (c.1997).


[1] Minutes from the Board of Regents (Feb. 28, 1958)
[2] SHSC Revenue Bond Buildings (c.1965)

Longino Hall was one of nine dormitory units in the Departmental Dorm complex, located at the northeastern corner of Avenue J and 20th Street.

The three-story residence was classified as the foreign language dorm, or building C. The dorm maintained a cafeteria for many years, and later was home to nomadic university offices that were shifted around campus - notably Housing Maintenance (c. 1993) and Residence Life (c. 1997).

It was demolished to make way for AB4.

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