Drain Building

Drain Academic Building
1900 Avenue I
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1984-85 Constructed
1990 Renamed


Lee Drain


Spencer Associates, Inc.


Utley-James, Inc.


Drain Academic Building

A photograph from the early/mid-1980s of the southeast corner of LDB under construction. 

Drain Academic Building

Inside the north entrance is a three-story atrium. Students can often be found reading or relaxing in the area; lectures and programs have been held here as well.

Drain Academic Building

Two walkways span across what was once Avenue J. From the third floor of the LDB, pedestrians can easily access the Science Animal Laboratory, Counseling Center, or Farrington Building and main quadrangle.

Drain Academic Building

A greenhouse stands outside the southern entrance.

Drain Academic Building>

The building's dedication plaque is located inside the northern entrance.

The Drain Building (more commonly, the Lee Drain Building, or LDB) is a four-story structure bordered on the east and west by Avenues I and J, respectively, in the central campus. As the flagship building of the College of Sciences, the LDB houses the Dean's Suite as well as classrooms, offices, and laboratories.

The $7.1 million, 424,348-square-foot General Purpose Classroom (GPC) Building was originally conceived for the area of the then-recently demolished Education Building, according to the 1982 Alcalde, but was instead built on the site of the Houston and Rix apartments.

Facilities of the Department of Biological Sciences include the S.R. Warner Herbarium, with over 20,000 specimens of regional flora; the Vertebrate Museum, with specimens of fauna from East Texas and adjacent regions; and the Texas Bird Sound Library, created in 1979, with over 2,000 different types of recordings of primarily Texas avian species.

On the third floor, the Department of Geography and Geology maintains a Geographic Information System (GIS) lab and remote sensing lab. The Reeves Center for Mathematics Education and the Ruth Lane Math Society are organized by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

The Lee Drain Mall, a campus beautification project from the mid-1980s, is the east/west pedestrian corridor outside the northern entrance of the LDB; once butting up against the nearby Wilson Apartments, today the area blends into Bearkat Plaza.

The Drain Building Annex is the one-story building located northwest of the Drian Building and along the northern side of the Farrington Building.

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