Estill Hall

Estill Hall
1002 16th Street
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1960 Constructed
Unit O Tex-41-CH-104 [1]
1970 Pool House constructed
2004 Renovated (interior)
c. May 2005 Pool last used [2]
c. Aug. 2007 Pool demolished [2]


Loulie Estill





Estill Hall

A 1950s view north of Belvin-Buchanan and Elliott Halls showing the city property that would eventually give way to Estill Hall.

Estill Hall

The rear-entrance of Estill Hall in 2006.

Estill Hall

The Estill Hall Pool - once one of the main pools on campus and now...well, it's not.

Estill Hall

Stone work out front the building.


[1] SHSC Revenue Bond Buildings (c.1965)
[2] Ed Chatal, 2009

Estill Hall is a dormitory located north of 16th Street between Avenue J and University Avenue.

The 1964 Alcalde notes the dorm housed 286 girls; this number has decreased slightly over the years (262 by 2000, and 252 by 2010).

Beginning in 1970 this was one of two dorms to maintain a pool and one of three main canmpus swimming areas; it was removed in 2007 because of bigger and better aquatic facilities at the Recreational Sports Building.

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