Fernland Historical Park

Fernland Historical Park
780 Clepper Street
Montgomery, TX
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Sep. 17, 2011 Grand opening


Fernland Historical Park

An aerial photograph of the property in 2009.

Fernland Historical Park

An aerial photograph of Fernland Historical Park with its first five buildings relocated.


Fernland Historical Park is an outdoor historical park in Montgomery, Texas containing examples of early Texas architecture dating back to the 1820s. The log homes and cabins within the park are some of the oldest remaining structures of their kind within Texas.

Structures in the park consist of:

  • Arnold-Simonton House
  • Blacksmith Shop
  • Crane Cabin
  • Hulon House
  • Jardine Cabin

The park has its origins in the similarly-named Fernland, a 40-acre tract of land along Honea-Egypt Road in Montgomery County. Houston-area preservationists Carroll and Mae Tharp began purchasing and collecting historically-significant structures in 1974 and relocating them to their property for renovations.

Their collection eventually grew to five structures, including the blacksmith shop, the Crane and Jardine cabins, the Hulon House, and the Bear Bend cabin. In 2002 the original Fernland property and those five structures were donated to SHSU.

Due to the remote location of the buildings, and the eventual determination that providing an infrastructure at the site would be too costly, the decision was made to relocate the buildings. In return for allowing four of the buildings to remain in Montgomery County, the city of Montgomery paid to have Bear Bend moved to the Sam Houston Memorial Museum in 2010.

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