Fine Arts Studio

Fine Arts Studio
1612 University Avenue
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1913 Constructed
1962 Renovated
Oct. 18, 1963 Formal opening
1989 Demolished







Fine Arts Studio

Along the western side of Avenue K (University Avenue) we see the Canterbury House and then what appears to be two more residences.

Fine Arts Studio

A succession of campus maps:

  • From c. 2004, south of the parking lot (and presumably north of Canterbury House) is what appears to be the footprint of the old Fine Art Studio and adjoining sculpture space in back – even though it has been gone at least a decade by this point. Perhaps it serves to illustrate the outdoor seating area?
  • From c. 2006, the footprints are gone and the parcel of land north of Canterbury House is named Anisman Park (or, arguably, the Anisman Parking Lot - sort of depends how one interprets the map...). As this was not an officially sanctioned name, it was never promoted and eventually changed.
  • From c. 2010, the area is now referred to North Park – or at least on some campus maps. No onsite signage exists.

Fine Arts Studio

A contemporary aerial of the corner in question.

Fine Arts Studio

A view of Buchanan Hall from the parking lot.

Fine Arts Studio

The outdoor seating area just north of Canterbury House.


[1] "Contact" (Art Dpt newsletter), May 1988
[2] Alcalde (1964)

The Fine Arts Studio (or Art Studio) was located at or near the southwest corner of University Avenue and 16th Street.

It was originally a brick boarding house that was at one point gutted by fire (date unknown) [1].

At some point it was remodeled for use by the Department of Art, specifically its "hands-on" courses in printmaking, ceramics, and jewelry [1] (lecture classes remained in the Thomason Building). The 1964 Alcalde notes the formal opening of the Art Studio and Gallery in October 1963 with "exhibits of painting, print making, sculpturing, and water colors by the students and faculty…[2]." The enclosed front porch housed a gallery [1].

Beginning around 1967 the Art Department also utilized another former house as its Fine Art Lab, or Studio II; it was in use for close to three years [1].

The Art Department built a small frame building behind the house for sculpture and ceramics coursework, shown on campus maps of the 1980s as the "Art Lab." These classes began utilizing a new studio in 1981 on the south side of campus, dubbed Fine Arts II.

By the late 1980s, a need for more space and the desire to house as much of the department as closely together as possible, the Art Department began occupying newly constructed metal buildings near their sculpture studio. Following the move to the new Art Complex, this house was razed.

The area between the Canterbury House and 16th Street has been cleared and converted to a small park setting and parking lot.

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