Gintz Family Apartments

Gintz Family Apartments
2215 Avenue I
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1961 Constructed
Unit R Tex-41-CH-120 [1,2]
2002 Playground constructed between buildings 1/2 and 5/6
2005 Demolished


Walter Gintz, Jr.






Gintz Family Apartments

A view down the middle stretch of the apartment complex during its final years.

Gintz Family Apartments

The final months of the Gintz Apartments (as shown in this March 2005 photo) were filled with some stress, as students planning to return had to find new places to live for the Fall 2005 semester.

Gintz Family Apartments

A layout of the Gintz Apartment complex:

  • Building 5 / D-2 (Rooms 7-13) (0159)
  • Building 6 / C-2 (Rooms 14-20, laundry) (0160)
  • Building 7 / D-1 (Rooms 33-39, laundry) (0161)
  • Building 8 / C-1 (Rooms 40-46, laundry) (0162)
  • Building 1 / B-2 (Rooms 1-6, storage) (0163)
  • Building 2 / A-2 (Rooms 22-26, offices) (0164)
  • Building 3 / B-1 (Rooms 27-32, laundry) (0165)
  • Building 4 / A-1 (Rooms 47-52, storage) (0166)


[1] Minutes from the Board of Regents; March 3-4, 1961
[2] SHSC Revenue Bond Buildings (c.1965)

The Gintz Family Apartments was an apartment complex at the northeastern corner of the intersection of Bobby K. Marks Drive (Avenue H) and Avenue I.

The units, constructed of cinder blocks with brick veneer exterior and totaling 28,228-square-feet, were reserved for families with a spouse or head of household that was a SHSU student (similar to the Malone Apartments).

The complex consisted of eight, one-story buildings of partially furnished two-bedroom apartments for a single family. At the end of each apartment building was a laundry and/or storage room.

In November 2004, the Houstonian revealed the university's plans to demolish the apartments once the last occupants left after the spring 2005 semester. Family housing was briefly moved to the Colony Apartments.

A new housing unit, Raven Village, was constructed on this site in 2006.

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