Greek Amphitheatre

Greek Amphitheatre
South-central campus
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c. 1916 Constructed
1926 Seating installed
1937 Permanent seating installed
Mid-1950s Demolished

Greek Amphitheatre

A view of the frame Men’s Gymnasium from the amphitheatre.

Greek Amphitheatre

The desire for parking spaces rendered the amphitheatre obsolete and it was paved over by the end of the 1950s.

The graduating class of 1916 donated the initial funds for the creation of the Greek Amphitheatre along Twentieth Street on the wooden slope of the McKinney property, the southern end of the main quadrangle.

The 1945 Alcalde said theater was the "entrance to the campus...through this gate we began our journey up the hill to knowledge and success." Students helped organize the various spring festivals, dramatic productions, and speeches that took place here. Many commencement ceremonies took place in the amphitheater.

During the late 1950s the southern end of campus had a facelift and the theater was flattened. The parking lot south of the Estill Building exists in its place. The cypress seats installed in 1937 were removed, refurbished and installed at Holleman Field.

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