Intramural Fields

Intramural Fields
East campus
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Mid 1980s Created


Intramural Fields

Avenue H runs north/south forming the eastern border of SHSU in the mid-1970s, as shown in this photograph. The library (top center), Four South, and Gintz Apartments (bottom center) are shown above. Note that 20th Street does not continue eastward..

Intramural Fields

What would be coined Intramural Fields Three and Two are seen in this mid-1980s aerial photograph as construction nears completion at Bowers Stadium (out of frame).

The university owns and operates three separate outdoor, lighted playing fields primarily for student use. Located east of Bobby K. Marks Drive (Avenue H), the Department of Recreational Sports and Activities maintains oversight for their Intramural Sports program and other reservations/rentals.

The fields include:

The fields appear to have been formed from the early-to-mid 1980s construction on east campus, namely the Health and Physical Education Complex and Bowers Stadium.

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