Agriculture Farm Shop

Agriculture Farm Shop
Aveue M
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1945 Constructed
Jan. 1980 Renovated [1]
c.1997-98 Demolished [2]







Agriculture Farm Shop

The 1944 SHSTC Catalog shows the construction of the buildings of the Josey School.

Agriculture Farm Shop

The Farm Shop and the three other original buildings of the Josey School of Vocational Education.


[1] SHSU: 2000, Campus Master Plan (1982)
[2] Today@Sam (Aug. 8, 1997)
Interview with Bobby Lane (2009)

The Agriculture Farm Shop was a structure southwest of main campus at the corner of Avenue M and 22nd Street. It was originally one of four structures built for the Josey School of Vocational Education, a post-WWII program initiated by the university.

The building contained two large laboratories as well as classroom and office space. Older maps and documents also refer to the structure at the Agriculture Technology Lab or Agriculture Mechanics Shop.

A narrow breezeway to the south connected the Farm Shop to the Metals Lab.

The 1982 Campus Master Plan says S.I. Morris Associates of Houston renovated the building in the early 1980s when updates were made to the nearby Wood Lab [1].

Around 1997 the building's roof collapsed; in August 1997, the university was given permission by the Board of Regents to remove the building [2]. Its functional successor was the Agricultural Mechanization Center, located west of the razed property.

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