Josey School of Vocational Education

Josey School of Vocational Education
Avenue M
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1945 Josey School established
c .1998 Agriculture Farm Shop demolished
c. 2002 Auto Shop, Metals Lab, and Industrial Education Laboratory demolished


Jackson E. Josey and family

Industrial Education Laboratory

An aerial from the 1950s shows the Agriculture Farm Shop, the Wood Lab, and the (roof of the) Metals Lab that existed southwest of the main campus.

Sports Practice Facility

From south to north: Holleman Field, Rifle Range, Auto Shop, Metals Lab, Agriculture Farm Shop, and Industrial Educational Laboratory buildings along Avenue M. The buildings still stood and were still used as late as the md-1990s.

The Josey School of Vocational Education was a post-WWII program established by Sam Houston State Teachers College. The school provided vocational training in a number of varying fields including agriculture, home management, photography, auto mechanics, furniture, electrical appliances, interior decorating, and other like trades.

Shops for the school were built southwest of main campus - north of the College Farm and Holleman Field - and included:

The 1948 school bulletin explains one of the goals of the Josey School "is to train individuals to become efficient workmen in industry with training to become efficient managers after they have had experience, the School also proposes to train teachers and small business men who may convert their trades into private enterprises.

The Josey Vocational School later moved to Country Campus where its courses were later incorporated into regular collegiate credit. These four buildings remained on campus until the late-1990s/early-2000s when they were demolished due to age and upkeep.

Much of the property remained vacant until the construction of the WASH Building in 2010.

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