George Killinger


Mar. 13, 1908 Birth
1930 Graduate, Wittenburg University
1933 Ph.D., University of North Carolina
1965-77 Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education,
1977-85 Texas State Board of Pardons and Paroles,
Oct. 21, 1993 Death


George Glenn Killinger was an educator, criminologist, and state official.

He graduated with Honors from Wittenburg University in 1930, and received a Ph.D. in Criminal Psychology and neural anatomy from the University of North Carolina in 1933.

During his professional career he was director of education at the U. S. federal penitentiary in Atlanta, Georgia, and director of education at the bureau of prisons in Washington, D. C. He was the founder and director of the institute of contemporary corrections and the behavioral sciences at SHSU and created, planned, and developed its Criminal Justice Center. He also served as chairman, vice chairman, and member of the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles.

In October of 1986 the auditorium in the Criminal Justice Center building was renamed in his honor.

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