Mallon House

Mallon House
1319 17th Street
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1958 Constructed
Unit K-1 Tex-41-CH-90 [1]
Sep.27, 1959 Gamma Tau chapter founded
c.1959-60 Renamed Kappa Alpha House
1980s Served as Athletic Dorm
19xx Renamed for Mallon (by c.1980)


Barnard Mallon





Mallon House

Today the "rear entrance" of Mallon House exits out into an empty parking lot.

Mallon House

Signage out front the building.


Vision Realized (1970)
The Caballero Years (1997)
[1] SHSC Revenue Bond Buildings (c.1965)

Mallon House is a student residence located near the intersection of Avenue N and 17th Street, west of main campus.

Residence Life classifies the two-story small house as a part of "Four West."

The house was built for members of the men's social group, the Ravens, that later became members of the Gamma Tau chapter of the Kappa Alpha fraternity.

During the 1980s the house appeared on campus maps as Mallon House, but also as one of two "Athletic Dorms" (presumably housing for football players utilizing nearby Pritchett Field).

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