Memorial Museum Archway

Memorial Museum Archway
1836 Sam Houston Avenue
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First sign presumably installed
First sign removed, at least one other sign installed and later removed
Sep. 2008  
New sign installed

Memorial Museum Archway

Possibly the earliest version of the sign, as seen from the 1937 Alcalde; the lower sign reads "A Historic Shrine to Texas."

Memorial Museum Archway

By the late-1950s/early-1960s another version of the sign hung out front the museum.

Memorial Museum Archway

During the 1990s and 2000s the two pillars stood sign-less out front the museum and hidden somewhat by tree growth.

Memorial Museum Archway

The new wrought-iron sign shortly after its installation in September 2008.


[1] - Memorial Museum Archway, Item, (Sep. 20, 2008)

The Sam Houston Memorial Museum Archway is a welcome sign to the museum complex that faces Sam Houston Avenue. The arched sign hangs between two stone pillars.

It is assumed the first version of the sign was added around 1936, the year the museum rotunda was built. Another version of the sign later appeared in the 1962 Alcalde. Because of its susceptibility to the elements these early versions of the signs - presumably wood - deteriorated and left the two pillars seemingly without a function.

In 2008 funds were raised through the Sam Houston Folk Festival to create a new, wrought-iron version of the sign [1].

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