Henry C. Pritchett

Henry Pritchett


Aug. 12, 1852 Birth
Warren County, MO
1878-81 Faculty at Coronal Institute,
San Marcos, TX
1881-90 Faculty member,
1890-91 State Superintendent of Public Instruction
Aug. 1891 Becomes 4th President of SHSU
Mar. 9, 1908 Death


Henry Carr Pritchett served as the fourth president (or principal) of Sam Houston State University (then Sam Houston Normal Institute) (1891-1908). He was the first to use the title "president."

Pritchett was born and reared in Missouri, graduating in 1873 from the Pritchett School Institute (Glasgow, MO) that had been founded by a relative, Carr W. Pritchett. Marrying and moving to Texas, Pritchett taught at the Coronal Institute in San Marcos (1878-81) before arriving at SHNI as a mathematics professor. He was appointed as the State Superintendent of Public Instruction in 1890, and was named president of SHNI the following year.

During his presidency he supervised the construction of the Peabody Memorial Library, the first separate library building for any Texas college.

He was the brother of instructor Joseph Pritchett.

The stained glass Service Window located in the Memorial Hall of Main Building and containing the school's motto, "The Measure of a Life is its Service", was dedicated in his honor.

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