Randel House

Randel House
824 20th Street
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1960 Constructed
Unit N-5 Tex-41-CH-104 [1]
1982-c.86 ROTC Headquarters
2002-13 Used for Bearkat Learning Community
Fall 2013 Reopened as general housing


Victor Randel





Randel House

If you squint your eyes the small blobs on the north side of the building form the letters ROTC. Impress your friends with that trick, why don't you?

Randel House

Signage out front the building.

Randel House

The "rear entrance" of Randel House with the new College of Humanities and Social Sciences Building looming to the north.


[1] SHSC Revenue Bond Buildings (c.1965)
[2] - Department of Military Science, 2009

Randel House is a student residence located near the northeastern corner of the intersection of Avenue I and 20th Street, facing north.

Residence Life classifies the two-story small house as a part of "Three East."

The Department of Military Science moved to Randel House following the 1982 fire that severely damaged the Austin College Building [2]; signage on the front and side of the building can still be seen from this former occupant. ROTC offices eventually moved to Academic Building Three.

Beginning in the 2002-03 school year the house became housing for students participating in the Bearkat Learning Community (BLC) program. The BLC moved to the fourth floor of Raven Village for the fall 2013 semester and this residence was reopened to all classifications.

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