Victor Randel

Victor Randel


Apr. 6, 1887 Birth
1919 BS
University of Missouri
1920 BS
University of Missouri
Nov. 21, 1959 Death


Victor Randel was a professor of Industrial Arts at SHNI.

Randel attended rural elementary schools and lived on the family farm until he was 21. He later taught industrial arts in area elementary and high schools in conjunction with his studies at the University of Missouri (B.S., 1919; M.A., 1920). After various other teaching and administrator duties across his native state, Randel accepted a position with SHNI in 1920. At one point in his career Randel left Huntsville for a year to go to Brazil to begin an industrial arts program.

In addition to his university functions, Randel was also a charter member and 1936 president of the Huntsville Kiwannis Club and served on the City Council from 1927 to 1941.

Randel House was named in his honor.

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