Barnas Sears

Barnas Sears


Nov. 19, 1802 Birth
1825 Graduate,
Brown University
1848-55 Secretary
Massachusetts Board Of Education
185567 5th President of Brown University
Mar. 30, 1867 -
Feb. 1880
Agent of the Peabody Fund
Spring 1876 Visited Texas
Jul. 6, 1880 Death


Barnas Sears was general agent of the Peabody Education Fund (1867-80), selected by George Peabody to visit Southern states and establish teaching schools. Sears visited Texas in early 1876.

Sears was suceeded in his role as Peabody Agent by J.L.M. Curry.

Mary Estill, in her book Vision Realized (1970), identifies Sears as one of "Five Who Served Sam Houston Well"- a group of individuals that were instrumental in the formation and early years of Sam Houston Normal Institute.

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