Charles N. Shaver

Charles Shaver


Mar. 19, 1884 Birth
1923 SHSTC Graduate
1927-31 Served in Texas Legislature
1937 HonLLD
Southwestern University
1937 Becomes 12th President of SHSU
1942 Resigned as president
Feb. 22, 1946 Death


Charles Norton Shaver was the sixth president of SHSU (1937-1942).

Shaver received a bachelor's degree from Sam Houston State Teachers College in 1923; as a student he roomed in the old home of General Sam Houston located in Smedes Valley.

His time in the Texas Legislature (1927-31) including him chairing the Texas State Teachers Association legislative committee. He was also instrumental in establishing the Texas Teacher Retirement System.

He resigned the presidency in 1942 and died four years later. The 1945 addition to Jackson Hall bears Shaver's name as did the Shaver Window in Old Main. A residence is also named for his wife, Annie Shaver.

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