Shaver House

Shaver House
1619 Avenue J
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1956 Constructed as Annie Bryan Shaver House [1]
Unit A (A-8) Tex-41-CH-31 [1,2]


Anne Shaver





Shaver House

Signage out front the building.

Shaver House

A 2009 photograph reveals this house, too, received a new door since we'd last been on campus.


[1] Minutes from the Board of Regents; February 28, 1958
[2] SHSC Revenue Bond Buildings (c.1965)

Shaver House a two-story student residence located north of 17th Street and between Avenues I and J.

Residence Life classifies this small house as being part of "Sorority Hill."

Of the eight houseson Sorority Hill, only Jackson and Shaver houses appear to have never housed a sorority or changed names since its construction.

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