South Paw Dining Hall

2008 Avenue J
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2003 Constructed
Feb. 9, 2004 Opened







Much to the chagrin of people in need of parking spaces, during the early 2000's the area south of the Estill Building would shrink in size as new structures were built.

The South Paw Dining Hall is a 5,000 square foot, $2 Million structure that seats 120 people, providing various eatery options for students living on the south end of campus and commuters.

Residence Life sponsored a contest to allow students the chance to name the dining hall and when the list of 174 names was narrowed down to three, students had the chance to vote on the following: Eat 'em up Kafé, Bearkat Café, and South Paw.

Student Kara-Lea Roberts won the $100 in Bearkat Express credits for her entry, noting in the Houstonian that because of its location from the main food court, the Paw Print, "why not call it SouthPaw. I figured it's a little more creative than Café Belvin."

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