c. 1941 Birth
Jan. 9, 1962 Death
Jan. 12, 1962 Funeral and burial


Tripod was a stray dog that became an unofficial school mascot when adopted by the Sam Houston State Teachers College student body.

It is not exactly known when the mustard-colored dog first appeared on campus but he was a presence by the mid-1940s. His name came from his lame left-front paw that was unable to be mended.

Alumnus Dan Rather called him "The Three-Legged Don Juan of College Hill" and in a 1952 editorial entitled "Tripod Legend Growing Fast" mused that the dog "should be placed in the 1953 Alcalde as Sam Houston's 'All-College Favorite.'"

Tripod joined students for pep rallies, homecoming parades, football games at Pritchett Field, and other activities as well as showing up on the quadrangle between classes.

Tripod succumbed to old age and cold weather on the museum property. The January 1962 funeral - which canceled classes - included the band, a three-gun salute, and a speech by President Lowman:

"Because there was no room for him in their trailer or automobile, Tripod was left behind by a veteran and his family when the young G.I. graduated in 1948...Tripod crossed the street and became a fixture of the campus. Here he dominated the canine life of the campus for fourteen years."

Tripod is buried on campus between the Old Main Memorial and Belvin-Buchanan Hall on 17th Street. The grave marker commemorates Tripod as beloved mascot, loyal supporter, and friend of students.

In 1973, composer and then SHSU Music Department Chair Fisher Tull composed the March for Tripod in remembrance.

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