Wilson Building

Wilson Building
1828 Avenue I
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1957 Constructed as Apartments
Unit E (E-2) Tex-41-CH-31 [2,3]
Spring 1993 Last used for housing
1996-97 Renovated
Nov. 6, 2006 Parking lot closed
Dec. 2006 Demolished


Samuel Wilson





An aerial photo of campus shows the northeastern corner of the Houston Apartments, and cars parked along Rix, Wilson, and Frels apartments. During this time Avenues I and J ran uninterrupted through campus. This predominance of pavement in the heart of campus would be gone within a decade.

Wilson Building

While the Wilson Building had not been home to students in years, the sign on the western outside wall reminded visitors of its role as housing.

Wilson Building

Bearkat Plaza in 2009 and a view of where the Wilson Building once stood.


[1] President's Update (Sep. 2004)
[2] Minutes from the Board of Regents; February 28, 1958
[3] SHSC Revenue Bond Buildings (c.1965)

The Wilson Building was a two-story, 16,684 square-foot building in the central part of campus. It was originally one of five individual housing units constructed on what was the then-eastern border of the campus along Avenue I. It was located between the Rix and Frels apartment buidings.

During the early 1980s, the need for more academic classroom space and campus beautification efforts resulted in many of the housing units being demolished. The remaining Wilson and Frels buildings were last used for student housing in the early 1990s and then renovated into offices for various administrative areas.

Long-rumoured for demolition, it was announced in September 2004 that Wilson and Frels would be razed before the end of the decade [1]; demolition occurred over the winter 2006 break. With the buildings gone, the area was converted into Bearkat Plaza, an expanded mall area.

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