J. L. M. Curry

Jabez Lamar Monroe Curry


Jun. 5, 1825 Birth
Lincoln County, GA
1881-1903 Agent of the Peabody Fund
Feb. 12, 1903 Death
Asheville, NC


Jabez Lamar Monroe Curry was a United States political leader and college administrator.

In 1881, Curry was chosen to succeed Barnas Sears as General Agent of the Peabody Education Fund. In this role Curry established public school systems, developed teacher education programs, and included African-Americans in the educational system.

Mary Estill, in her book Vision Realized (1970), identifies Curry as one of "Five Who Served Sam Houston Well"- a group of individuals that were instrumental in the formation and early years of Sam Houston Normal Institute. Following his death, a stained glass window was presented by the SHNI senior class of 1903 for placement in the Memorial Hall of Old Main.

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