Entrance Sign

Entrance Sign
Northeast Corner of Sam Houston Avenue and 20th Street.
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1934 Twin pillars donated
1935 Arch donated
c. 1965 Signage changed to SHSC
c. 1969 Signage changed to SHSU
2003 Pillars removed; signage updated

Entrance Sign

A small trapezoid-shaped sign to the left of the pillars and archway.

Entrance Sign

Avenue K crossed 17th Street north of campus by Old Main and snaked it way west of the quadrangle, past the Estil Library and Greek Theatre, before rounding a curve and heading southwest to exit out onto Avenue L.

Entrance Sign

The pillars and the arch as they once existed.

Entrance Sign

The arch was eventually removed and a brick wall bridged the pillars. The two dark spots on each of the whitewashed pillars were the dedication plaques, apparently still intact after 50 years.

One wonders where old signs disappear to and if one could retrieve them for somewhat oversized souvenirs.

Entrance Sign

Following the 2003 demolition of the pillars, identical signs were installed on both the north side of Bowers Boulevard as well as the south side. This southern sign has great views of the temporary post office and art complex buildings behind it.

The western entrance to campus at the northeast corner of Sam Houston Avenue and Bowers Boulevard has changed in both appearance and purpose since it was staked out in the early/mid Twentieth Century.

The class of 1934ís graduation gift to the campus was two brick pillars that were originally installed at the northeast corner of Avenue L (later Sam Houston Avenue) and 20th Street (later Bowers Boulevard). The following year, a metal arch was presented by the class of 1935 that spanned what was then the southern terminus of Avenue K (later University Avenue).

Signage changed in the 1960s as the campus dropped Teachers from its name and changed from College to University. By the 1970s the original pillars had been whitewashed, the space between the two had been filled in with a brick wall, and University Avenue merged seamlessly into the parking lot built on the site of the Greek Theatre.

President James Gaertner updated and upgraded campus signage during his early years in office. Besides signs for buildings and parking, this corner received a facelift as well: the original pillars were removed, replaced with a 30-foot long brick and limestone sign. A duplicate of the new sign was installed on the adjacent (southeast) corner of Bowers Boulevard.

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