Gibbs House

Gibbs House
1619 Avenue J
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1956 Constructed as Anne Gibbs Society House [2]
Unit A (A-2) Tex-41-CH-31 [2,3]
Apr. 18, 1959 Zeta Theta chapter founded
1959 Renamed Delta Zeta House
1990 Delta Zeta sorority disbands
c. 1990 Renamed Gibbs House


Anne Nugent Gibbs





Gibbs House

Looking down from the parking garage offers a vantage point of the southeast corner of the building (as close to the rear entrance as is possibly) AND the roof.

Gibbs House

Signage out front the building.

Gibbs House

An image of the front from 2009 - and what appears to be a new door, too.


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[2] Minutes from the Board of Regents; February 28, 1958
[3] SHSC Revenue Bond Buildings (c.1965)
Carla Hamblin, DZ National Office
The Lamp of Delta Zeta, Autumn 1959

Gibbs House a two-story student residence located north of 17th Street and between Avenues I and J.

Residence Life classifies this small house as being part of "Sorority Hill."

The building originally housed members of the Anne Gibbs Society, founded in the fall of 1925 as one of the various social societies that existed on campus "to promote friendship, scholarship, tolerance and a spirit of service [1]."

In 1959, the club became Zeta Theta chapter of the Delta Zeta sorority, the first national sorority to install a chapter on the Sam Houston campus and the seventh collegiate chapter of the sorority in Texas.

After the sorority disbanded the house reverted to its original name honoring Gibbs. Today the house is a coed residence for upperclassmen.

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