Health & Kinesiology Center

Health & Kinesiology Center
801 Bowers Boulevard
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Dec. 1983  
Construction started
1985 Construction completed
Fall 1986
Dec. 28, 2003 Recreational Sports addition construction begins
Dec. 14, 2005 Recreational Sports addition opens




A late-1970s aerial photograph of the southeastern corner of campus, yet undeveloped.

The western edge of the HKC in December 2003, weeks prior to the Recreational Sports annex construction project beginning.

The completed Recreational Sports annex of the HKC.

Students will be able to swim laps once again on campus; the HKC pool replaces the swimming facilities at Estill and White Halls and the Lowman Student Center.

The Health and Kinesiology Center (HKC) and Recreational Sports annex is located at the southeastern edge of campus at the intersection of Bobby K. Marks Drvie and Bowers Boulevard. It houses the Department of Health and Kinesiology and the Office of Recreational Sports and Activities.

The 1982 Alcalde notes the Health and Physical Education (HPE) Complex was originally planned for an area west of the coliseum, where the Randel, Spivey, and Vick Houses stood.  Containing basketball courts, gymnasiums, an indoor track, and other recreational areas, the building was planned as the modern successor to the two gymnasiums - the Women's, torn down in 1983, and the Men's, which the 1984 Alcalde said would be removed shortly after creation of the HPE.

Construction began in 2003 on the Recreational Sports addition, a 26,000 square foot expansion on the western side of the existing building. The new structure, built at a cost of $6.7 Million, houses a larger weight room, indoor climbing wall, and outdoor heated swimming pool, as well as direct access to the original building.

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