MacKenzie Delta Tau Delta Fraternity House

MacKenzie Delta Tau Delta Fraternity House
287 Bearkat Boulevard
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Jan. 9, 1960 Epsilon Zeta chapter founded
2013 Groundbreaking
Jan. 25, 2014 Open House


Joseph M. MacKenzie





MacKenzie Delta Tau Delta Fraternity House

When the chapter first announced plans in 2003 for their new shelter the released plans were of a two-story house that the Houstonian said included “a hidden room behind the walls with limited access for secret rituals” [1]. Plans for this to be completed by 2005 never surfaced and were drastically altered by 2010.

MacKenzie Delta Tau Delta Fraternity House

Ten years later or so the new house on Bearkat Boulevard became a reality. Or at least they began tearing up the land.

MacKenzie Delta Tau Delta Fraternity House

The new house was months away from completion in this November 2013 photograph.


[1] "Fraternity house to be built on Fraternity Row"; Houstonian, Nov. 13, 2003.

The MacKenzie Delta Tau Delta Fraternity House is an organization-owned structure east of main campus.

The Epsilon Zeta chapter originally lived on campus in the years after it was founded, residing in what is known today as Baldwin House.  The chapter later moved off-campus to property near the Walker County Fairgrounds.

By the mid-1990's the chapter had two loans against their property. Member Ronald Mafrige donated $60,000 to pay off one loan and, in return, asked the chapter when it constructed its new house to name it in honor of MacKenzie. The house and land were later sold for $50,000 [2].

In November 2003 the Houstonian reported the chapter had plans to become the second fraternity to build on Bearkat Boulevard.  Plans for the new chapter house described it as "$800,000, two-story, [and] 8,000 square feet" [1]. This house was scheduled for opening in 2005 but never materialized.

In 2005, 1.82 acres were purchsed along Bearkat Boulevard for $36,000 [2]. In 2010 plans were announced for a one-story, six-bedroom, 4,700 square foot ranch-style house [2].

Built in 2013, the new residence and meeting space was completed in January 2014.

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