Baldwin House


1327 17th Street
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Constructed as Esquire House [1] Unit H (M-1) Tex-41-CH-69 [2]

Jan. 9, 1960:
Epsilon Zeta chapter founded
Renamed Delta Tau Delta House

Served as Athletic Dorm

Renamed for Baldwin



Joseph Baldwin




Baldwin House is a student residence located near the intersection of Avenue N and 17th Street, west of main campus.

Residence Life classifies the two-story small house as a part of "Four West."

The house was built for members of the men's social group, the Esquires, that later became members of the Epsilon Zeta chapter of Delta Tau Delta fraternity.

During the 1980s the house appeared on campus maps without an honorary name and dubbed only as "Residence Hall." It was also labeled as one of two "Athletic Dorms (presumably housing for football players utilizing nearby Pritchett Field). A 1993 campus map again identifies this as a fraternity house; by 1995 the house is shown with Baldwin's name. It has since been used for upperclassmen housing.

In 2013, the Epsilon Zeta chapter built a new chapter house east of main campus.


Baldwin House

Signage out front the building in 2005.

Baldwin House

Here's a holdover from past decades. Each building on campus is given a unique identification number by the physical plant; it's just some buildings show off their numbers more prominently than others. We assume some of the buildings were known more by number than name in years past.

Baldwin House

Sometime in the four years after the above photograph the signage was changed. It's interesting to see the various font styles used on nameplates on small houses as well as guess their age.


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