Malone Family Apartments

Malone Family Apartments
22nd Street
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1959 Constructed
Unit L (1-7) Tex-41-CH-90 [2]
Project R [1]
1998 Demolished


Hayden Malone





Malone Family Apartments

In 2005 the lawn was kept fairly neat, at best presentable, as the lot appears to have been used as a makeshift storage area.

Malone Family Apartments

Some of the cracked concrete slabs where the buildings stood show remnants of what appear to be blue tiles and underground PVC pipes, possibly former bathrooms. Just think: someone may have showered here.

Malone Family Apartments

While some of the curbs are crumbling, the roads are still in decent shape and drivable - should anyone accidentally visit.

Malone Family Apartments

A decade after the apartments were demolished and forgotten, the lot remains vacant with only a few telltale signs of its former purpose.


[1] Minutes from the Board of Regents; March 3-4, 1961
[2] SHSC Revenue Bond Buildings (c.1965)
[3] Regents Approve Computer Lab Modifications, Vacation Schedule, 1997

The Malone Family Apartments was an apartment complex southwest of the main campus at the corner 22nd Street and Avenue N 1/2.

The seven, one-story buildings were constructed of cinder blocks and contained partially furnished apartments. The units were reserved for families with a spouse or head of household that was a SHSU student (similar to the Gintz Apartments).

After close to forty years of housing students, the Board of Regents approved the demolition of the apartment complex at the suggestion of the administration, agreeing that it would better to raze and rebuild elsewhere instead of funding further renovations [3]. The Residence Life Maintenance Building was constructed on the site over a decade later.

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