Houston Efficiency Apartments

Avenue J
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1945 Construction
May 1981 Demolished


Sam Houston





Houston Efficiency Apartments

A photograph from the Alcalde shows the apartments as viewed from the parking lot behind the Administration and Education Buildings.

Houston Efficiency Apartments

Ken Hestand (’57) shares this photo is of the southwest corner of the apartment building, from across  Avenue J: “It was intended to be a photo of our apartment (#202),  The windows on the second floor, nearest the corner, were our view of the world.  I believe the decorative fence enclosed the apartment building.  As you can see, there is a large opening along the south wall, which had access to that area.  Those openings were located at several points to allow access to the outside of the complex.  The stairwells were at those openings.  There were tables or some other outdoor furniture either outside and/or inside the courtyard."

Houston Efficiency Apartments

The Sam Houston Apartments, as well as many other student apartments buildings located between Avenue I and J, existed for decades.

The Sam Houston Efficiency Apartments was a two-story structure in the central part of campus.

It was the first major student housing project to be located south of main campus, and the first major university-owned facility to be located east of Avenue J. Dormitories up to this point, including Belvin-Buchanan and Jackson-Shaver Halls, were north or west of the quadrangle.

The apartment complex, located between the Departmental Dorms and Rix Apartments, contained 58 apartments for couples without children, and would go on to become one of many apartment-style structures on what would become eastern edge of campus. Maps from the 1960s note the Men's Housing Offices were located within the set of buildings.

Campus expansion and the need for more classroom space forced the demolition of the Houston and Rix apartments. The site is now occupied by the Drain Academic Building.

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